The Woolmark Company and SARAR launch a Cool Wool collection

1 April 2014

Over the past two weeks SARAR and The Woolmark Company joined forces to highlight Merino wool as the ideal premium natural fibre for spring/summer to consumers in Turkey and Germany through a range of Cool Wool pieces.


arar Board Member Mehmet YILMAZ at the Cool Wool launch at Sarar in Turkey
Sarar Board Member Mehmet YILMAZ at the Cool Wool launch at Sarar in Turkey.

On March 20 and 26, Germany and Turkey respectively carried out retail events in key flagship SARAR stores in Dusseldorf and Istanbul. The events were used as the platforms to showcase the launch of the 'Cool Wool for SARAR' collection, marking the beginning of an extraordinary partnership between the two international brands.

Attended by Ross Antony in Dusseldorf Germany, a leading TV celebrity, and one of Turkey's most famous and stylish actors from the TV series 'Intikam', Engin HEPILERI joined the SARAR Cool Wool launch at their flagship store in Zorlu Centre Mall, Istanbul.

"Wearing a SARAR Cool Wool suit has impressed me by the fabric quality and its features of light reflection, and also the inspiration the fabric provides to designers and men who want to have eco-friendly, innovative and stylish Cool Wool suits," said Engin HEPILERI during the launch.

The Cool Wool line is a capsule collection of menswear pieces, and includes a small number of womenswear garments, available in all SARAR stores throughout the spring/summer season. Each piece matches the signature style of SARAR's tailoring details and refinements using lightweight Cool Wool qualities. The garments are selected from a range of the most prestigious Merino wool fabrics. A select number of weavers supply the Woolmark-licensed Cool Wool fabrics which have the perfect qualities and weights to impart comfort, lightness, drape and soft handle.

The original Cool Wool program, launched by the International Wool Secretariat nearly 30 years ago and used up until the late-1990s was very successful, however, the new Cool Wool campaign takes the concept of trans-seasonal apparel even further for the 21st century with even lighter weight fabrics and yarns, promoting the use of wool as a fibre for all seasons and extending the selling period of wool.

Research has shown that wool performs better than cotton and polyester in the natural management of moisture and temperature, ensuring that Cool Wool keeps the wearer more comfortable when temperature rises. Wool is a living fibre that breathes and naturally manages the body's micro climate by absorbing and transporting moisture vapour from the body preventing the build-up of humidity.

Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with a maximum weight of 190 g/m2 and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 micron. The fabric/garment surface is clean and smooth. Cool Wool fabrics and garments carrying the Woolmark logo are normally 100 per cent Pure New Wool but can include blends of wool with fine animal fibres.

The Woolmark Company promotes Merino wool by supporting the industry across the supply chain - from woolgrowers to spinners and weavers, from garment manufacturers to designers and retailers – providing education to the trade and consumers about the fibre's benefits and performance qualities, such as its versatility across all seasons.

"This collaboration provides an opportunity to expand global Cool Wool visibility and availability; SARAR is one of the largest European textile manufactures, producing for private labels and its own brands with availability in 48 countries," says The Woolmark Company's Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry.

"The product portfolio for Cool Wool initially focuses on menswear for this season but will expand further into womenswear for future spring/summer seasons and into other key markets. SARAR is already well established in Turkey and is looking to widen its international presence, offering wool as a quality all year round fibre for premium suits and separates. A co-branded campaign and film will be available to support the collaboration."

SARAR is the leading contemporary, urban male's brand originating from Turkey. There is often a perception that wool should be worn during the autumn and winter months, but the SARAR Cool Wool Collection will change this perception through promotion at retail and key media placements.

SARAR Board Member Mehmet YILMAZ said: "The Cool Wool collection is one of the most important innovations since our foundation in 1944. In this collection we have worked closely with The Woolmark Company and we are proud to create such an innovative collection."

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