The Woolmark Company and AEG make hand-washing a chore of the past

19 June 2014

The ease of caring for your beloved wool apparel was the highlight at an exclusive event hosted by leading appliance brand AEG in partnership with The Woolmark Company in Sydney in June.

Models showcasing wool garments from Camilla and Marc's latest collection at the AEG Wool Care event
Models showcasing wool garments from Camilla and Marc's latest collection at the AEG Wool Care event.

The collaboration of industry experts - at an event held in the home of Sydney chef and AEG ambassador Mark Best – promoted a shared passion for wool textiles and caring for wool apparel with the respect it deserves.

European appliance brand AEG is taking the chore out of doing the laundry, spreading the message that caring for wool is easy. As a Woolmark licensee and member of the premium Woolmark Apparel Care program, certain AEG washers and dryers have met strict quality and performance criteria, tested by independent laboratories, granting them the right to carry the Woolmark Apparel Care Gold logo.

Washing machine cycles have been tested to demonstrate that they will not cause wool products to suffer from felting shrinkage and is still effective in cleaning.  For a dryer, the cycle has been tested to show that it will not cause felting shrinkage or impact the surface appearance of the garment. 

What makes these AEG appliances stand out from the rest is that they are even suitable for garments labelled hand-wash only, giving garments made from the natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre of wool the respect they deserve. 

“AEG has delivered what we believe to be the future of laundry,” says The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry. “After meeting strict specifications as set out by The Woolmark Company, these appliances eliminate the need to hand-wash garments, which will have people right across Australia cheering as they throw out their old wash bucket.

“For too long wool has been stigmatised and put in the ‘too hard basket’ when it comes to doing the laundry. Yet the Woolmark Apparel Care program is about providing consumers with tools for laundering their wool apparel which have been tested as suitable for washing without causing damage. These innovative appliances are in-line with The Woolmark Company’s strategy to address common consumer misconceptions and seek to show that caring for wool textile products is easy.”

Australian designer label Camilla and Marc was also present at the event, showcasing their second-release 2014 winter collection. The collection is a result of a strong relationship formed between the label and the global authority on wool, and is an expression of the many facets of Merino wool - featuring cosy knitwear, chic dresses and smart tailoring.

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