The Wool Muse

8 August 2012

A new trade facing campaign launched by The Woolmark Company celebrates and appreciates the different stages of production for Australian Merino wool.

The Wool MuseThe Wool Muse, naturally inspired by Australian Merino wool, personifies the journey from farm to fashion in one garment. The image highlights and celebrates the artisan process from woolgrowers, top makers, spinners, weavers, knitters, designers and manufacturers who are inspired to work with Merino wool.

The Wool Muse celebrates Merino fibre and educates all those involved in the industry.

The garment starts with natural fleece, then graduates to processed fleece, wool top, roving, yarn, finishing with a circular knit jersey bodice.

The Woolmark Company’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Rob Langtry, said the Wool Muse characterised what The Woolmark Company marketing efforts were all about.

“This image shows the true essence of The Woolmark Company,” Mr Langtry said. “It celebrates every stage of the farm to fashion journey, resulting in a beautiful garment and stunning series of images.

“The ‘making of’ film provides insight into the garment, and its detailed construction and shows its creation from sketch to photo shoot.”

The image has already appeared in magazine advertorials and will be utilised by The Woolmark Company at upcoming global trade shows.

“Spin Expo Shanghai and Premiere Vision are two of the biggest trade exhibitions in September and our new trade marketing images - The Art of Merino - will be on display and utilised as a promotional and educational tool.”

The Art of Merino series celebrates each individual part of the production pipeline, illustrated though floating fibres. The collection features stunning images, which are supported by words, detailing the art involved in spinning, weaving, knitting and the true essence of the Merino woollen fibre.

“The strong yet beautiful message behind each image allows the entire industry to fully appreciate the art of each sector and highlights its importance,” Mr Langtry said.

“From giving an insight into the history of the fleece, to the craft involved in the centuries-old skills blended with modern technology; right thought to the softness, fluidity and drape of a piece of fabric, this trade-facing campaign is art itself.”