Shawl Style Project celebrates iconic Indian industry

3 March 2016

The Woolmark Company has strengthened its relationship with licensees in India, connecting leading fashion designer Nachiket Barve with the country’s leading shawl manufacturers and showcasing this season’s latest must-have Merino wool products. The Shawl Style Project aims to reinvent the humble shawl, as it becomes a necessary part of a contemporary wardrobe.

Nachiket Barve

Nachiket Barve leads his Wool Army at The Woolmark Company’s Shawl Style events

Taking a step forward to connect its partners across manufacturing, merchandising and the fashion industry, The Woolmark Company held retail seminars in Ludhiana and Amritsar, titled Shawl Style. Woolmark licensees including Shingora, SM Textiles and Apollo Textiles attended the events, which were also co-partnered by Lófficiel India and Vogue India.

The seminar’s panel consisted of senior leadership from top retailers in India including Arvind Brands, Future Brands, Tommy Hilfiger and Shoppers Stop. The seminar was followed by a fashion show by leading fashion designer Nachiket Barve, who displayed an exclusive collection of stylish Australian Merino wool shawls and stoles.

The Woolmark Company and its retail associates acknowledged and celebrated the contribution of the licensees in driving sales growth of shawls and stoles across India. They discussed various benefits and the infinite potential of wool as well as the changing landscape of retailing with the rise of e-commerce in the country.

Nachiket Barve put together a stylish, utilitarian collection, comprising pre-existing product along with new designs exclusively for this show. The Shawl Style Project aimed at reinventing the classic shawl, pitching it as a must-have fashion accessory for a contemporary wardrobe.

“Fashioning statement pieces out of the beautiful Merino wool shawls and stoles sourced from Woolmark’s licensees has been a wonderful experience,” explains Barve. “The Woolmark Company has provided a progressive platform to amalgamate forward-thinking innovative design with a treasure trove of quality Merino wool fabrics from the key stakeholders in the industry.

“I am excited about this perfect opportunity to showcase indigenous local textiles and skills with a global design sensibility.”

Barve’s collection showcased the versatility of the shawl industry: from woven fabrics to digital printing, through to hand embroidery that has become an iconic part of India’s fashion scene.

The range comprised Ombre-dyed fine shawls, geometric Aztec-inspired stoles, textured chubby throws as well as exquisitely embroidered or woven floral Kani shawls. The collection also incorporates Barve’s signature soaring Japanese Cranes, floating Ginkgo leaves and rose motifs into the show to add a contemporary edge.