New marketing collateral for interior textiles

31 July 2013

Throughout decades of research, development and marketing The Woolmark Company has taken Australian wool to its rightful place as one of the world’s most versatile, practical and best-loved natural fibres.


Typically, The Woolmark Company’s marketing activities target the dominant fashion apparel category. But the identification and development of specific strategies have enabled the exploration into other dynamic categories in a bid to increase the demand for Australian wool.

The Woolmark Company’s Interior Textiles division specialises in building demand for Australian wool through the development and marketing of Woolmark and Woolmark Blend superior interior textile products.

Focusing on both the fine and mid-range wools produced in Australia, The Woolmark Company works to create materials, collateral and partnership promotional activities designed to increase consumer and manufacturer demand for Australian wool in the premium furnishing and floor coverings segments of the interiors market.

The Woolmark Company’s interiors program aims to:

  • Help the industry and retail staff to inform decision makers (architects, consumers) about the benefits of the use of wool in interiors;
  • Showcase the superior performance and the extraordinary beauty of the natural wool fibre in public spaces as well as private homes; and
  • Target bedding, carpets, interior fabrics and furnishing. 

In recent months The Woolmark Company category manager for Interior Textiles, Ingrid Oomen, has been working alongside The Woolmark Company’s marketing team to create a host of new marketing collateral dedicated to this increasingly important category, along with the inaugural edition of The Wool Lab Interiors which was launched earlier this year.

Three new pieces of collateral have been created which target Woolmark licensees and their clients, as well as consumers. This includes one flyer on sleep and one on carpet, each explaining the benefits of wool in each of these two sectors. A cleaning wheel was also created which explains how to safely clean carpet if stains occur. This was made a magnetic so can be conveniently stuck on the kitchen fridge to ensure stains are dealt with in a timely manner.

Two separate presentations on bedding and carpet have been created to further strengthen key account relationships. Targeted at manufacturers, these presentations explain the support The Woolmark Company can offer as well as why wool is the number one choice for bedding products and other home textiles.

Finally, a general interiors textiles brochure was created which combines bedding and floor coverings and gives a holistic overview of wool in this sector. Architects and consumers are the key targets for this collateral and it aims to get more people thinking about wool – whether it be to buy more wool or to work with more wool in their given profession.

With about 90 per cent of Woolmark’s interior textiles licensees from the bedding sector, it is important to generate up-to-date information not only about wool’s natural benefits but also report on the scientific studies which have proven wool allows for a better night’s sleep.

“The creation of this new collateral, including new images, allows for relationships to be strengthened and for new ones to form,” Ms Oomen said. “It is important we have up-to-date information on hand in this increasingly important category and ultimately we hope to boost the demand of Australian wool that is of a broader micron.

“This collateral along with The Woolmark Company’s presence at high-profile trade shows, such as Heimtextil in Germany at the start of year, ensures that interest in the sector continues to grow.”

Since the launch of The Wool Lab Interiors at Milan Design Week, the books have also been exhibited at Intertextile Shanghai – Home Textiles in August and will this month be shown at Decorex in London. According to Ms Oomen the launch has been a success and The Woolmark Company’s key account managers are establishing relationships with new clients.