Mountain Designs releases Woolmark-certified apparel

29 May 2015

In 1975, long before it was a well-known brand, Mountain Designs was just one man creating mountaineering gear and clothing in his Brisbane garage and selling it out of his suitcase.

Rick White had a dream: to provide high quality gear to outdoor adventurers like himself – the type of high quality multi-functional gear that at the time was only available overseas. As a mountain climber, he knew that it was in a climber’s best interest to not take short cuts with quality.

Starting as a specialist climbing retailer, his business boomed and soon Rick had customers from all walks of outdoor life.

Forty years later, the business has grown to having 42 stores across Australia and also a strong retail presence through its online store. The company is still following in Rick’s footsteps, striving every day to provide quality, technical, multi-functional gear for Australians of all levels of outdoor expertise.

Mountain Designs produces Merino apparel for a range of outdoor activities such as hiking to mountain summits in Tasmania

Mountain Designs produces Merino apparel for a range of outdoor activities such as hiking to mountain summits in Tasmania - as pictured here.

Wool has always been a very important fabric for Mountain Designs apparel.

“It is perfect for the outdoors, and with all the different applications now available what we can produce using wool will only be limited by our imaginations,” General Manager of Mountain Designs Caroline Machado Campos says.

The company recently launched a new range of Woolmark-certified Merino wool garments, following collaboration with The which was involved in the marketing, and two other Australian companies: ABMT that knitted the fabrics, and OCC that manufactured the garments.

We are very excited about our new range of 100 per cent Australian Merino 150g, 200g and 270g+ tops and pants, winter coats and stylish travel gear,” Ms Machado Campos said. “This new range extends our current range that includes blended Merino baselayers and our stylish 100 per cent Merino men’s and women’s Aoraki jackets which have proved very popular.

“The inherent properties of wool make it the perfect fabric for playing in the outdoors. Breathability, natural wicking, anti-odour, anti-static, natural fire resistance and the fact that it is a renewable, natural source of fabric makes it perfect for Mountain Designs clothing.”

The company is one of the most exciting and innovative premium outdoor brands in Australia, developing quality gear for a wide range of end use such as hiking and trekking, backpacking, travelling, camping, for outdoor active wear and of course mountain climbing.

Ms Machado Campos says being an Australian company using Merino wool grown in Australia is important to Mountain Designs.

“Our 100 per cent Australian heritage is fundamental to who we are as a brand and it helps set us apart from our competitors. As a home grown company, we feel it is important to support Australian wool as much as possible. Keeping it local has environmental and economic advantages plus there is the feel good factor.

“From a product innovation perspective, we are constantly developing a product range that will not only serve people well in overseas conditions but are effective for all types of Australian outdoor conditions as well. This is very important to us - that people have the gear to get out and enjoy this beautiful country of ours as much as any overseas destination.”