Merino wool inspires Summer Fun

3 July 2012

From the highest mountains to the deepest canyons, the hottest summers and coldest winters, wool is the best-known fibre for active wear apparel.


The Woolmark Company works closely with its brand partners to promote the natural fibre, spreading the story of wool and all the benefits that come with it.

Country Manager for Germany, Johann Mittermayr, believes it is important for The Woolmark Company to not only develop relationships with its partners, but to also promote and further develop these.

“Renowned companies such as Ortovox, Mover, Snowgum, Aclima, Dale of Norway and Devold do a lot for the promotion of active wear made from wool,” Mittermayr said.

“Merino wool boasts so many wonderful benefits. It works in all weather conditions – whether it is summer or winter, hot, cold or wet – and its exceptional breathability means it can deal with any level of activity.

“Its thermo-regulating properties bring comfort to the wearer whilst climbing mountains as well as resting, the moisture vapour transportation ensures a drier microclimate and the built-in odour properties prevent the garments from smelling.”

Known as the Voice of the Mountains, German-based outdoor company Ortovox has been producing Merino wool apparel since 1988 when it introduced undergarments to its market. Over the years it has refined the technology used and now produces soft and hard shell products, completing the three-tier layering system.

“Ortovox is one of our ambassadors which constantly combine innovative products with extraordinary design to work with the natural features of Merino. They know that high-performance materials result in high-performance products and are suitable for all levels of activity – from scaling a cliff face to climbing to the summit.”

Adopting MerinoPerformTM technologies Ortovox’s Merino active wear is industry-known across the world. A recent video produced by Ortovox, in conjunction with The Woolmark Company, highlights the versatility of Merino apparel. The video shows a variety of intense outdoor activities across varying terrain and climates and shows the athlete looking calm and collected dressed in Merino.

“This video is a great example of how our brand partners are helping promote the wonderful benefits of Merino wool,” Mittermayr said. “It is a fantastic tool to convey a message to key industry stakeholders and reaffirms the relationships built by The Woolmark Company.”