Merino wool highlighted at annual Turkish Fashion Conference

15 May 2014

The Woolmark Company has brought together British fashion designer Antonio Berardi, famed fashion writer and historian Colin McDowell and world-famous fashion stylist Sophia Neophitou to discuss designs, trends and the importance of Merino wool at the 7th Annual Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association (TGSD) Fashion Conference held in Istanbul May 8 and 9.

To show his appreciation for the finest of luxury fabrics, Antonio Berardi has joined with The Woolmark Company to advocate the use of Merino wool fibre. In his speech Mr Berardi emphasised the natural wonders of wool, reflecting femininity and a sense of quality in womenswear.

“Merino wool has always been a firm favourite of mine, as it caresses the body, is amazing to tailor and has all the attributes and built-in modern technology of 21st Century fabrications, but remains 100 per cent natural,” Mr Berardi said.

“It is perhaps the fabric that defines the times, and was the perfect way for me to talk about my work at the 7th Annual Istanbul fashion Conference. The cradle of civilisation is embracing manufacturing on a global scale, and it was wonderful to be a part of it.”

Colin McDowell is one of world’s top fashion commentators, the founder of Fashion Fringe and an avid supporter of fostering emerging talent. He argues that two of the most important factors for modern fashion design are the fabrics used and the designer who uses these fabrics in a different way compared with others.

Sophia Neophitou, Antonio Berardi and Colin McDowell

Sophia Neophitou, Antonio Berardi and Colin McDowell.

Editor in chief 10 and 10 Men magazines and creative director for Antonio Berardi, Sophia Neophitou, has an impressive list of consultancies including Hugo Boss, Ghost, Topshop and Borbonese. She found the fashion conference to be an “enlightening” and “inspiring” experience.

“It really helped me to understand the contribution and changes of the global manufacturing landscape, as well as the massive contribution and influences this very successful Turkish industry will have on a global level in the future; it was very inspiring,” Ms Neophitou said.

“I totally appreciate the benefits of Australian Merino wool in the face of global warming and how designers’ clients are demanding lighter and more breathable natural options. Merino wool has seemed to fulfil this ever-increasing need from the customer for lighter-weight wool options, especially in womenswear.

“The innate elasticity of Merino wool gives the option of much more form-fitting, body con items, and extending its fashionability and natural choice from a design perspective offers possibilities which are much more extensive than from any other material.

“I look forward to seeing the design innovations that this material will facilitate from all designers in the future.”

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