Merino resists wind and rain at Outdoor Retailer

21 January 2015

The Woolmark Company continues to cement wool’s rightful place in the sports and outdoor sector, presenting the latest fabric innovations in Merino wool at this year’s Outdoor Retailer trade show, January 21 to 24, 2015. The Woolmark Company is located at stand MR151C.

Woman practices yoga on beach
The Woolmark Company showcases the latest innovations in lighter weight fabrics (such as wool jersey pictured here) perfect for indoor and summer fitness activities.

With next-to-skin Merino wool apparel enjoying commercial success across the globe, The Woolmark Company has placed a greater focus on outerwear, with an innovative woven fabric the standout of the exhibit.

Made from 100 percent Australian Merino wool, MerinoPerform™ WP delivers a unique, high-performance machine-washable fabric which is resistant to wind and rain. Using the latest fibre stretching technology, the wool is pre-stretched and spun into yarn before being woven into MerinoPerform™ WP.

“Research and development have always been an integral part of The Woolmark Company’s operations,” says The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry.

Man wearing MerinoPerform on top of rock“MerinoPerform™ WP represents a significant development in the sports and outdoor sector, creating a fabric ideal for outer-wear apparel. The fabric super-contracts during the dyeing and finishing process which creates a highly compact fabric with enhanced water and wind resistance.”

In addition, lightweight knitted Merino wool fabrics for spring/summer and indoor use will also be on display. The Woolmark Company is working to spread the message that wool is also a fibre for warmer climates and indoor activity.

“Wool is a trans-seasonal, high-performance fibre and the natural choice for sports and outdoor wear,” says Mr Langtry. “Next-to-skin Merino wool apparel provides a high level of comfort, suitable for those seeking a sense of wellbeing in a broad range of leisure and sporting activities and wool’s natural properties such as moisture management and odour resistance make it a fibre of choice for athletes.”

Lightweight wool wadding for jackets will also be on show, with wool-filled apparel products becoming increasingly important in the sports and outdoor markets – an area traditionally dominated by synthetics, feather and down products. The Woolmark Company has introduced a new Woolmark Specification for wool-filled products in response to these changing market trends. 

The Specification will now allow for these manufacturers and garment makers to carry the Woolmark or Woolmark Blend logo on suitable qualifying products, with a range of stock tickets and labels that are available for garments.

Other significant developments and innovations from The Woolmark Company’s MerinoPerform™ brand partners to be exhibited at Outdoor Retailer include:

  • Warp knits
  • Merino wool blend wovens
  • Laminated mid and outer-layer fabrics
  • Merino wool denim
  • An ultrafine, 14 micron, Merino wool fabric
  • Lightweight jersey for fitness