Merino Mini gains momentum

12 July 2012

The baby market is abuzz with activity as The Woolmark Company continues to showcase its Merino Mini collection. On top of this, Australian brand and licensee of The Woolmark Company, Ewenique, recently launched its new website and digital advertising campaign.

Part of The Woolmark Company’s Mothers and Babies program, Merino Mini is a collection of new products recently showcased at the Pitti Bimbo trade fair in Florence, alongside more than 500 top children’s brands. Merino Mini has been designed to highlight the many natural benefits of Merino wool in this lucrative segment of the market.

The collection includes innovative wool jersey and knitted pieces and has quickly gained the appreciation of brands, retailers, buyers, manufacturers and the media, all specialling in children’s wear.

Category manager for The Woolmark Company’s Mother and Babies program, Carol Stubbs, said the program has been welcomed by the market and enjoyed success at Pitti Bimbo.

“We are currently experiencing healthy growth and will soon be announcing more partnerships across Europe, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan,” Ms Stubbs said.

“This growth is being supported at select trade shows including Pitti Bimbo, the International Federation for Home Economics trade show held in Melbourne and the Children Baby Maternity Expo in Shanghai.”

One product example in the Merino Mini collection is Australian brand and Woolmark licensee Ewenique. Producing baby sleep wear and wraps from Australian Merino wool, Ewenique has demonstrated ongoing commitment to ensure its products remain 100 per cent natural and source its soft fabrics from Woolmark licensee Charles Parsons.

“Partnering with brands like Ewenique is a great way for us to highlight the benefits of Merino wool for newborns,” Ms Stubbs said. “Both The Woolmark Company and Ewenique share common values that work well across both product development and marketing initiatives.”

As parents themselves, the owners of Ewenique only develop products they think are good enough for their own children.

“Wool’s unique vapour-management qualities move moisture away  from the skin, allowing a baby to stay cooler and drier with a more consistent body temperature throughout the night, whatever the season,” Ewenique co-owner Monique Harper said.

“No man-made fibre has come close to replicating Merino’s natural attributes and in our environmentally-conscious times Merino wool is highly marketable.”