Merino Mini at CBME Expo

16 August 2012

The Woolmark Company presented its Mothers and Babies program’s Merino Mini collection at the 12th edition of the Children’s, Baby and Maternity Expo (CBME) held in Shanghai, China. This expo is Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest international industry expo.

The Woolmark Company presented its Merino Mini collection at the 2012 Children’s, Baby and Maternity Expo in Shanghai, China
The Woolmark Company presented its Merino Mini collection at the 2012 Children’s, Baby and Maternity Expo in Shanghai, China.

The exhibition was a one-stop sourcing platform for buyers, with CBME opening its doors to 90,000 visitors along with 1500 exhibitors, 1900 brands and international pavilions from Australia, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and Spain.

Category manager for The Woolmark Company’s Mothers & Babies program, Carol Stubbs, said the 2012 expo was bigger than last year’s and proved to be a great success for The Woolmark Company.

“There were 11 halls in total which covered all types of products relating to pregnancy, babies and children including children’s wear,” Ms Stubbs said.

“Many top tier international brands were represented and we were lucky to be able to target such a lucrative market and highlight the benefits of Merino wool in baby and children’s wear.

“The Merino Mini collection, which includes innovative wool jersey and knitted pieces, gained the appreciation from all fashion professionals who attended CBME including brands, retailers, buyers, manufacturers and media specialising in children’s wear.”

Visitors to The Woolmark Company’s booth were also offered further inspiration with a viewing of the latest edition of The Wool Lab, showcasing the most innovative and quality wool fabrics and yarns produced in the world.

The Woolmark Company also held a seminar during the first day of CBME. Titled “The application and innovation for Merino wool for baby and maternity products”, the seminar provided a launch pad for discussion as well as assistance with sourcing Merino wool.

Country Manager for The Woolmark Company’s China office, Xiao-Ya Wei, said the seminar was a great way to introduce Merino wool products to the Chinese market.

“The knowledge and benefits of Merino wool is still quite fresh for the Chinese market and the innovative wool jersey and knitted pieces from Merino Mini attracted a lot of attention.

“The feedback we received from visitors was very positive, giving us the confidence to continue to develop Merino products for the Chinese market.

“Visitors were also extremely touched and moved by an Anne Geddes video (see below) we had playing and many sought further information about Anne’s work and her ambassadorship with The Woolmark Company.”

The Woolmark Company also met with a publisher from Pregnancy & Parenting magazine as well as CBME media.

“The publisher was very interested about learning more about Merino products and would like to work with us to further promote Merino wool in China and offer knowledge and information to consumers. Pregnancy & Parenting magazine is quite influential within the industry and has both online and offline resources which we can further employ in the future.”

CBME’s monthly magazine also ran an advertorial on Merino baby wear in its August issue and as this magazine is part of a larger media group, this well-established relationship will also be further utilised.”

The Woolmark Company and famed photographer Anne Geddes have joined forces to highlight the health benefits of Merino wool for babies - from baby wear through to swaddles and blankets. This video was shown at CBME during the seminar held by The Woolmark Company.