Merino Kids™ goes back to the source

19 October 2012

The Woolmark Company is proud to partner with Merino Kids™ and bring to you a provenance story about Bally Glunin Park, a sheep farm in Australia carefully selected by Merino Kids™ to provide the fine Merino wool that went into the Cocooi™ Sleep Bag.

Merino Kids’ TM flagship store in Battersea, London
Merino Kids’ TM flagship store in Battersea, London.

Bally Glunin Park has received many awards for its approach to animal welfare and land management. It has been in Michael Blake’s family for 150 years. Michael has re-introduced wetlands and habitats and encouraged various bird species and marsupials to return to this part of the country. This creates harmony between his sheep and their environment.

The animals’ health and wellbeing is very important and it starts at birth. The first 12 hours of the lamb’s life are crucial; this is when the ewe and the lamb bond by smell and sound. Each lamb has a unique "baa", which its mother recognises over all others.

Michael is a passionate woolgrower who loves Merino wool and his sheep flock. He makes sure to create an environment where they feel comfortable and the sheep have plenty of food, water and shelter. Bally Glunin Park has 1800 hectares of land and various different paddocks for the ewes to roam with their lambs.

The quality of the wool is of a high standard and consistent throughout the year. Michael takes good care of his sheep and also shears the wool at regular intervals which encourages good wool growth.

The synergy between the farmer and the ewes and lambs is palpable and genuine. If the sheep are happy, the farmer is happy.

Young lives are precious, and Merino wool helps protect and care for them in a safe, comfortable and natural way. Merino Kids and The Woolmark Company are joining hands to bring to you the message about Merino wool and the Cocooi Sleep Bag

James and Amie Nilsson from Merino Kids speak warmly about their love of Merino wool and the partnership with Bally Glunin Park.

The Cocooi range is made of 100 per cent Merino wool; the sleep bags are soft and breathable and easy to care for.

Why Merino?

Merino wool has many natural qualities that make it a great choice for infants’ apparel and sleepwear, including:

  • An efficient temperature regulator
  • Healthier and safer compared to other fabrics
  • Easy to care for 
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Nature’s natural clothing

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