Marketing partnership with GS Home Shopping

29 June 2012

The Woolmark Company and GS Home Shopping in Korea have established a marketing partnership to increase awareness of Australian Merino wool.

Kim Sangdeok from GS Home Shopping, with Tim Cathles from ‘Athelington’
Kim Sangdeok from GS Home Shopping, with Tim Cathles from ‘Athelington’.

GS Home Shopping is the world’s third largest online retailer and is a Woolmark and Woolmark Blend licensee, selling affordable and quality woollen products, increasing these volumes by 20 per cent in the past three years.

Recognising the desire consumers have to learn about product provenance, The Woolmark Company Korea branch has been keeping a keen marketing partnership with GS and together they have been enhancing consumer awareness and education.

The Woolmark Company Korea country manager Hyunwon Lee said Australian Merino wool was the right fibre to satisfy consumers’ growing desire to gain product information.

“Australian Merino has so many interesting stories and wonderful benefits to tell, which is why GS Home Shopping wishes to develop a new consumer marketing program focused on the green and natural story behind Merino wool,” Mr Lee said.

From January 2009 to June 2011, Australia exported 11,838 tonnes of greasy wool to Korea, making them the world’s sixth biggest importer of raw Australian wool. And with GS growing by 15 per cent in value each year it made sense for the online retailer to form a marketing partnership with The Woolmark Company.

Representatives from GS recently visited the ‘Athelington’ property near Canberra, Australia, to film on-farm activities for its wool tracing program, with the short film to be shown in the coming Autumn/Winter season during the GS wool apparel sales programs.

“The main goal of this partnership is to increase market attention to the Merino tracing program launch, highlighting the natural, biodegradable and renewable benefits; increase the demand for Merino wool; and encourage the local industry and retailers to participate in the Merino marketing program,” Mr Lee said.

“Korean consumers have a growing desire to know exactly where the products they buy originate. It is not just about buying an actual product, but also buying the story behind the product. This is why GS plans to put its marketing priority on the authenticity of Merino wool products through the implementation of a tracing program from the upcoming Autumn/Winter season.”

Through the GS TV channel and mobile video clips GS will be able to show the origins of Australian Merino wool, from the marketing partnership signing ceremony in Sydney right through to on-farm activities. This will be accompanied by 20,000 outfits of Merino wool knitwear made from Athelington wool, merchandised by GS and will be specially promoted as a premium edition under a private GS brand.

“We trust the launch of the corporate wool marketing partnership and tracing program with GS will contribute to increasing the demand for wool and also encourage the positive attributes of Merino woollen products on the online retail sector.”