Marie Claire promotes Merino wool

28 November 2012

A cross-media campaign publicised by Marie Claire magazine in the USA praises Merino wool as innovative, natural and forward thinking, dubbing it the future of fashion.

For the past few months Marie Claire has been running an advertorial series featuring a fashion designer working with Merino wool.

The program was designed to leverage Marie Claire’s fashion-forward audience to increase Woolmark brand visibility and promote Merino wool in the USA.

The multi-platform program has been reaching out to consumers via an in-magazine advertorial series, an online campaign including behind-the-scenes videos and photos, an in-store event and via social media platforms.

The partnership with Marie Claire is one element of The Woolmark Company’s global ‘Merino. No Finer Feeling™’ fibre advocacy campaign and not only provides exclusive insights into renowned designers, but also educates consumers about the unique and natural qualities of Merino wool.

The Woolmark Company country manager for the USA, Michelle Lee, said consumer education was the essence of the campaign.

“Having The Woolmark Company and Merino wool’s presence across varying media outlets, including Marie Claire, enables direct engagement with US consumers about Merino wool as a  natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre,” Ms Lee said.

“This media presence will ultimately raise wool’s presence as a fibre desired by leading designers and brands, and in turn a fibre desired by consumers. Consumer education has always played a crucial role in all of Woolmark’s campaigns, positioning Merino wool as an affordable yet luxury fibre.”

Known for his daring sophistication and effortless elegance, Peter Som was the first designer to be featured in this cross-media campaign.

“For me, wool has become the most versatile fabric I can think of. It can be the softest tissue weight wool or you can make a flowing dress,” he says in the behind-the-scenes video.

“I have used wool since day one. For this particular collection it was really about a felted kind of quality which could stand up the silhouette I wanted.”

Another featured designer is Ginny Hilfiger of the Ginny H label who has been designing clothing for more than 20 years.

The youngest of the Hilfiger siblings, Ginny made a name for herself while designing for her brother’s company Tommy Hilfiger.

“I love working with wool as a designer because of its versatility,” she says. “Wool and its lightweight form can be treated like a chiffon; you can drape it, you can ruche it, you can pin tuck it, you can pleat it, you can make it into feminine blouses.

“I love that it’s seasonless, tricots in the summer, wool flannels in the fall, wool felt for coatings, bouclé for texture. Especially now I just love taking wool into new forms; it wears well, it always looks new.”

The Marie Claire online editorial team also ran a “Have To Have It” campaign to coincide with the partnership, where for one week all their suggested fashion picks will be Merino wool features from globally recognised brands.