Madrid knit over, in support of the Campaign for Wool

21 November 2012

Hundreds of people from across Spain have collaborated to celebrate the natural qualities of wool. Madrid’s famed Calle Serrano, Plaza Colon and Calle Jorge Juan have been covered in wool-art for all to see and enjoy. It is the largest urban-knitting activity conducted in Spain.


Spanish model Eugenia Silva spent the morning promoting the key benefits of wool
Spanish model Eugenia Silva spent the morning promoting the key benefits of wool.

The activity launched Wool Week Spain – a week-long event which formed part of the international Campaign for Wool, an initiative begun by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to educate the world on the natural, biodegradable and renewable benefits of the fibre. Spain is the 11th country to partake in 2012.

Campaign for Wool chairman John Thorley said it was of great importance to connect with Spain especially given the country’s history with sheep.

“Spain is the original birthplace of the Merino sheep, the breed which is now a mainstay of the modern global wool industry which produces over 1 billion tons of wool per year,” Mr Thorley said from Madrid.

“It is therefore very important to work with the Spanish community and celebrate the history and natural diversity of wool”.

Present with John Thorley at the launch of the Campaign for Wool 2012 in Spain were supermodel Eugenia Silva, Zorica McCarthy the Ambassador for Australia (the world’s largest wool producing nation) and designer and artist Estrella Archs.

The Woolmark Company country manager for Iberia, Dolores Naharro, spoke of wool’s properties and the importance of the fibre.

“Wool is truly a trans-seasonal fibre,” Mrs Naharro said. “The creativity and innovation of hundreds of urban knitters from across the country have captured that today under the theme ‘the four seasons’, with the wool art which covers the Salamanca area.

“The Woolmark Company is proud to create an event which educates and motivates the Spanish people to further engage with wool as a natural fibre of choice – to bring the Campaign for Wool to Spain.”

Supporting sustainability, and how this is assured by this natural and renewal fibre, has been the key message that Eugenia Silva has regularly repeated throughout the morning. The Spanish top model, wearing a beautiful Merino wool dress by Estrella Archs, has been closely related to this fibre since birth. She has excitedly shared with us that her grandparents keep wool sheep and that knitting has always been a hobby to help her relax in between her endless fashion shootings.

A week full of activities with a common denominator, Wool.

From November 21 to 24, Madrid held a program full of activities, with the main objective of teaching the general public on the sustainable and timeless use of wool.

One of the activities was directly related to a global creative trend, based on dressing street furniture with wool. This phenomenon invaded Madrid’s centre with the largest urban knitting exhibition done in Spain to date.

Always respecting street furniture and advocating versatility, realistic 3D figures made up of wool (amigurumis) have recreated the four seasons. This ambitious project has been designed and leaded by Lana Connection with the help of more than 200 knitters working without an ulterior motive. After the completion of Wool Week, these amigurumis were donated to brighten up children’s hospitals across the country.

At the centre of activity was a Knitting Lounge which will held endless exhibitions and workshops for visitors regardless of their age. This was the key meeting point for all wool lovers.

Numerous retailers and brands have had an outstanding place throughout Wool Week; participating in a street fashion parade sharing their wool looks and a photographic exhibition showing works from the trendiest yarn bombing artists around the world were displayed in shops.

A wool fashion explosion surprised the public with a Wool Parade, an original street performance that has brought together wool proposals from the most prestigious Spanish designers.

From renowned designers such as Miguel Palacios, Amaya Arzuaga, Ion Fiz, Roberto Verino and Victorio y Lucchino; to a modern Maya Hansen. Men´s fashion proposals were staged by García Madrid and the emerging fashion designers Moisés Nieto and María Barros, who have represented Spain in the prestigious International Woolmark Prize, an award given in the past to 20 year old Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

Campaign for Wool

The Campaign for Wool started in 2010 and has continually expanded year by year, including activities in the United Kingdom, Norway, Korea, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Korea, Australia, Japan and more. Spain launched the Campaign for Wool in 2011, this being the second annual celebration in the country.

Visit the Campaign for Wool website for further information.