Life Through Wool

10 April 2014

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Woolmark symbol and Country Road's 40th year as Australia's most loved lifestyle brand, the two iconic brands have come together to create a beautiful short film celebrating Australian wool. Both brands represent quality and have played integral roles in showcasing modern Australia within the fashion industry.


Australian actor Isabel Lucas stars in Country Road's short film, Life Through Wool
Australian actor Isabel Lucas stars in Country Road's short film, Life Through Wool. Made in collaboration with The Woolmark Company and filmed at 'Boonoke' sheep station, the film pays homage to Australia's Wool industry.

Australian actor Isabel Lucas stars in the film Life Through Wool which celebrates Country Road's long-standing relationship with The Woolmark Company and the spirit and essence of the brand. The film pays tribute to the 50,000+ woolgrowers who live in Australia.

Life Through Wool is set on 'Boonoke' sheep station. The iconic 43,000 hectare property at Conargo in the NSW Riverina was the original F S Falkiner & Sons holding purchased in 1878, along with half of the Peppin Family’s Wanganella sheep flock. With its Billabong Creek frontage extending out to vast treeless saltbush plains, 'Boonoke' has been a prominent property in the pastoral industry for more than 100 years. Today, the 'Boonoke' country is utilised for commercial pastoral pursuits centred around its commercial Merino flock, producing 1000 bales of Wanganella wool annually.

The storyline of the film which is true to many hearts of Australia's large farming community sees Lucas, a modern city woman, take a trip back to the family home. It is shearing season and thousands of sheep arrive. Lucas's character enjoys the beauty of the farm, familiarity of home and reflection of stillness.

For 40 years iconic Australian brand Country Road has been producing clothes which authentically reflect the Australian way of life. Committed to value and quality, Country Road uses the finest materials the world has to offer and so is able to showcase the versatility of Australian Merino wool throughout their collections. Country Road is one of Australia's biggest users of extra fine Merino wool.

As a part of its 40th birthday Country Road will focus on its impressive history as Australia's most-loved lifestyle retailer, while also celebrating its unrivalled standing today.

Country Road has worked closely with The Woolmark Company since 1980 to ensure their stringent standards are represented in all collections.

"Like the Woolmark brand, we see Country Road as an iconic Australian brand which is well respected right across the country. Their commitment to the Australian wool industry - starting with woolgrowers right through to the end consumer - has evolved into something which is vital in the work we do," said The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough.

Country Road managing director Sophie Holt said: "We are so excited to launch Life Through Wool. We set out to produce a film that celebrated the beauty and light of the Australian landscape and the natural quality of wool - I think the piece captures this perfectly."