Join The Woolmark Company for an exclusive preview of The Wool Lab Sport at Outdoor Retailer

8 January 2016

Wool in sportswear reaches new heights at the 2016 winter edition of Outdoor Retailer, unveiling a unique sourcing guide dedicated to sports.

New sports sourcing guide showcased at Outdoor Retailer

As sports and outdoor retailers across the world continue to turn to Merino wool for cutting-edge performance apparel, The Woolmark Company has released the ultimate sourcing guide dedicated to sportswear. The Wool Lab Sport, part of the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of The Wool Lab that will officially launch at the 89th edition of Pitti Uomo, presents a collection of the world’s most inspiring and technically advanced wool fabrics and yarns suitable for base, mid and outer-layer apparel. Come and experience an exclusive preview of The Wool Lab Sport at meeting room MR151D at Outdoor Retailer, January 7-10 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Merino wool has positioned itself as a versatile, multifunctional fibre in the sportswear sector thanks to its unique natural features and benefits, such as breathability, temperature control, moisture management, elasticity and resistance to odour.

The Wool Lab Sport connects designers with manufacturers through technical skills, know-how and passion and highlights the natural benefits that make it the ultimate performance fibre. Extensive research has been undertaken by The Woolmark Company’s global network to develop two themes, suitable for all seasons, dedicated entirely to sportswear to inspire and influence trends.

  • Sport Active

    The Sport Active theme presents the most technically performing wool fabrics and yarns, mixed with technical fibres, to ensure the best results during physical activity. Examples of this theme highlight the technology enriched with the most innovative finishing and treatments, suitable to match every climate and discipline, both indoors and outdoors. It features a mix of 100 per cent pure wool along with blends with other technical fibres.
  • Sport Stylish

    Sport Stylish expresses the role of Merino wool as a fundamental element to the classic wardrobe of the most refined and exclusive sports such as golf, horse riding, sailing and polo. The Sport Stylish theme perfectly combines performance with elegance, highlighting the natural benefits and technical features guaranteed by the fibre mixed with comfort and style. Structures and styles include melton, panama, classic tailor and denim.

“Merino wool is currently enjoying a never-before-seen phase of innovation and development for wool performance material,” explains The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry. “The Wool Lab Sport offers brands a convenient way to access the very latest in commercially available developments, connecting them with leading fabric and yarn suppliers.

“Innovative developments in wool fabrics and yarns for base, mid, and outer-layer apparel have triggered a widespread uptake of Merino wool for niche brands through to major global companies. Merino wool has enjoyed a strong history in base-layers, but more and more we are seeing Merino wool in mid and outer-layer clothing.”

One such major development is MerinoPerformTM WP, the latest in Merino wool ideal for outer-wear. MerinoPerformTM WP engages a unique fibre stretching and fabric compacting technology, creating fabric that is wind and water resistant as well as sporting wool’s other natural benefits such as breathability and resilience.

Outdoor Retailer visitors are invited to one of two Wool Appreciation Courses on January 8 and 9, hosted by The Woolmark Company, offering detailed explanations of the performance benefits of wool and why it is the ultimate fibre for activewear apparel. Space is limited so RSVP at OR +1 347-767-3160 to avoid missing out. One-on-one meetings with The Woolmark Company can also be organised on the above contact details.

The Woolmark Company is also bringing an Australian farm experience direct to Salt Lake City. Visitors will be treated to a virtual trip to Australia, thanks to virtual reality headsets, transporting them to a woolgrowing property to discover more about Merino wool and its natural environment.