Jaggad makes its mark with Merino wool

10 December 2014

Being based in the beachside Melbourne suburb of Elwood – a leafy neighbourhood whose locals value being active, living healthily and staying true – perfectly suits the ethos for recently relaunched apparel brand Jaggad.

Australian sports and lifestyle brand Jaggad, with the support of The Woolmark Company, has introduced wool into its range for the first time
Australian sports and lifestyle brand Jaggad, with the support of The Woolmark Company, has introduced wool into its range for the first time. Merino wool’s presence in the sports apparel market continues to grow.

The company is not so much a sports performance brand, but more of an active lifestyle brand for everyone.

“Jaggad is for anyone who is living an active and balanced lifestyle, whether it’s doing yoga, preparing for a marathon or completing your daily ride,” CEO Steve Greene says. “Jaggad is a community-based brand, for real people, not necessarily elite athletes with only one sole focus. We don’t hide behind marketing promises, we just want to support the everyday athlete with functional, durable and fashionable performance wear.”

The company was relaunched in September 2013 after a new ownership team took over, and with The Woolmark Company’s support has for the first time introduced wool into its range for the spring/summer season, available from the company’s new online store. The collection includes 100 per cent Merino wool base-layers for men and women, and Merino/polyester blend short and long sleaved T-shirts.

This is a long-term commitment by the company into using wool, with the company’s autumn/winter range – available in February – to include many more garments made from wool, such as hoodies and pants.

“Jaggad wants to be known as Australia's leading sports lifestyle brand and merino is a big part of our story. We are Australian owned, many garments are Australian made and we use Australian Merino wool,” Steve says. “Importantly for us, we are very focused on quality. Our garments use the best performing textiles and construction techniques. They are cut from the best fabrics, created by passionate designers, for people who appreciate beauty, simplicity and design in sport and in life. 

“One of the main reasons we got into this business was because we didn’t believe there was much sportswear on the market that was both really good quality and also stylish for men and women. We believe we are now providing this. We’ve infused fashion and lifestyle into a sports brand."

Jaggad’s wool products are made from fabrics knitted by Melbourne-based ABMT Textiles which is a MerinoPerformTM partner. The fibre used is 19.5 micron Australian Merino wool.

While the brand is aimed at anyone and everyone who wants to wear sports apparel, its prototype garments are tested to the limit by somebody far from ordinary: one of the most successful sportsmen in the country, Carlton footy legend and dual Brownlow medal winner Chris Judd.

“What we want are products that are durable and reliable, as well as stylish, and Chris has been a great help in ensuring that,” says Steve, who himself used to play AFL with Hawthorn.

“Chris started his career wearing a footy jumper made from wool, and he wants to end his career with wool, testing it as part of the team here at Jaggad.”

Steve forecasts the sports apparel market to continue to grow, as it has done over the past decade, and sees Merino wool being an increasingly large part of that growth.