Introducing The Wool Lab Interiors

10 April 2013

The Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool, introduces a special project dedicated to the furnishing sector, aimed at promoting the awareness and demand for wool. The project is intended both for specialised professionals – including architects, designers, interior designers, manufacturers – and for end consumers.

Tweed Heritage - The Wool Lab Interiors
Tweed Heritage is one of the five inspirational themes presented by the inaugural edition of The Wool Lab Interiors. Photo: Rami Riccardo Studio.

Wool provides countless options to interior design, including comfort, softness, resilience, moisture absorption, safety, flame resistance, easy care, sound and heat insulation, assurance of wellbeing and of scientifically proven benefits in terms of sleep improvement, natural origin, and eco-sustainability.

Its range of uses in interior design is equally broad, and includes five major areas of application and production: bedding and bed linen (mattresses, blankets, quilting, etc.), floor coverings and carpets, interior textiles (upholstery, curtains, wall coverings, etc.), accessories (cushions, poufs, etc.), and insulating materials.

The core of the project conceived by The Woolmark Company for the design sector is The Wool Lab Interiors, a laboratory for research and for the processing of wool-related macro-trends. The Wool Lab Interiors come in the wake of the success of the apparel editions of The Wool Lab, launched in 2011, and now a reference point for the industry.

The Wool Lab Interiors is a guide to the best wool textiles and to the most interesting and innovative applications of wool in the furnishing and interior textile sectors. The result of international research carried out by The Woolmark Company through the selection of the newest products from the world’s best companies, the guide is both an inspirational trend book and a work tool.

Designers, architects, interior decorators, and specialised professionals can select materials based on the guide and get in touch with the relevant suppliers through The Woolmark Company. This service is provided free of charge to promote the appreciation and use of wool in interior design.

On preview at the Milan Furniture Exhibition in April 2013, The Wool Lab Interiors identifies five inspirational themes for this first edition:

Scandinavian is about Nordic atmospheres and colours, and brings back to the future those dusty colours and clean lines, representing the basics of the Nordic design masterpieces of the 1950s and 60s.

798 is a theme that recalls the district-art lab with the same name in Beijing, dedicated both to experimental culture and to the encounter between art, culture, and technology.

Metropolis conveys the modern need for linearity mixed with technology, and develops through combinations of wool and leather, combed fabrics and draperies, grey shades and other natural colours to produce clean lines with high quality and elegant materials.

Tweed Heritage represents a well-established trend of the contemporary culture, restoring the allure of typical Scottish tweeds in city life and acting at the same time as a vehicle for glamour and tradition.

Lastly, Pure is the theme that best summarises aspirations about a socially and ecologically compatible future through the representation of minimal atmospheres, natural hues, reassuring ambiances, plain forms.

To celebrate its debut in design, The Woolmark Company has partnered with Wallpaper*, the leading design, architecture, fashion and lifestyle publication and invited eight international designers to offer their personal interpretation of the themes of the first Wool Lab Interiors, thus creating a set of unique and spectacular installations with wool turned into an emotion and an object of desire.

The selected names belong to a variety of sectors – ranging from architecture to interior decoration – and convey the utmost versatility of Merino wool:

Snarkitecture, an American architecture studio; took inspiration from the Pure theme;

Simon Heijdens, Designer, UK; took inspiration from the 798 theme;

Jahara Studio, Furniture design, Brazil; took inspiration from the Tweed Heritage theme;

Emiliano Godoy, Environmental designer, Mexico; took inspiration from the Metropolis theme;

Esrawe Studio, Interior and Furniture design, Mexico; took inspiration from the Tweed Heritage theme;

Adam Goodrum Studio, Furniture design, Australia; took inspiration from the Scandinavian theme;

Hassel, Architecture studio based in London and in Australia; took inspiration from the Metropolis theme;

Ron Gilad, designer based in New York.

These specially commissioned items will be on display at Wallpaper* Handmade at Leclettico (via San Gregorio 39, Milan) from 9th -13th April from 10.00-19.00. Admission is free.