Inspiration and innovations showcased by The Woolmark Company at Première Vision, Paris

15 September 2015

The Woolmark Company returns to Première Vision, Paris, September 15 to 17, showcasing the latest edition of The Wool Lab along with recent innovations in Merino wool and highlighting the fibre as the premier ingredient in luxury apparel.

The Woolmark Company showcases the latest innovations in Merino wool along with The Wool Lab at Premiere Vision September 2015.
The Woolmark Company showcases the latest innovations in Merino wool along with The Wool Lab at Premiere Vision September 2015.

The Woolmark Company can be found at Hall 6, stand 6P2 6R1.

France remains the single most influential flagship market for women’s apparel and is a world leader in fashion. It is also a major player in the textile industry with cutting-edge expertise in a variety of technical fields. Since 2010 The Woolmark Company has re-established its presence in France through media campaigns and collaborations, to coincide with the premium natural fibre enjoying a renaissance.

“France has long-remained the epicentre of womenswear fashion, luxury and excellence,” explains The Woolmark Company Global Strategic Advisor Peter Ackroyd. “It has always been one of the most important countries for presenting fabric designs and innovations to the global wool community.

“The Wool Lab remains one of The Woolmark Company’s most significant tools. It inspires and informs the textile industry, connecting buyers with suppliers of the world’s best commercially available fabrics and yarns.”

For Autumn/Winter 2016/17 The Wool Lab presents seven inspiring themes, four of which are dedicated to womenswear as wool fabrics continue to become increasingly popular outside of traditional men’s tailoring.

In Normdecor, a contemporary and cosmopolitan woman redefines her concept of elegance through wearing structured but comfortable clothes with deluxe touches; Metropolitan Chalet presents a comfortable and classy style for metropolitan women; Androgyne leverages from the tradition of made-to-measure suits for a classy women; and finally, wool accessories become the key item of the wardrobe in Complements.

After Première Vision, The Wool Lab AW16/17 will continue to be presented at the most important trade shows worldwide, and will be available through The Woolmark Company’s global network, along with one-on-one meetings set up with top designers, brands, manufacturers and retailers.

The Woolmark Company will also present a key selection of innovative wool fabrics, highlighting the fibre’s extraordinary benefits and vast potential. New innovations pave the way forward for the Merino wool industry, allowing it to be a dynamic one that is forever changing.

With consumer needs and attitudes the driving force behind Merino wool innovations, The Woolmark Company and its partners have developed an array of state-of-the-art fabrics, reaffirming the fibre as a versatile and cutting-edge alternative to others.

“Despite the world continuing to become increasingly casual in clothing choices, we are still experiencing a rise in premium apparel, across both knitwear and wovens,” says Mr Ackroyd. “Première Vision will see us focus on a more contemporary look and feel, working closely with wool manufacturers to develop new processes which can provide casual effects for wool and address consumers’ desire for less formal attire.”

Since the launch of Wool Denim woven fabrics - presented at last year’s Première Vision trade show - The Woolmark Company has worked with its partners to develop a wool denim-like yarn to create Knitted Denim. Knitted Denim is popular for womenswear because of its figure-hugging properties and next-to-skin comfort. The fabric also can be used for men’s trouser bottoms in a higher density fabric.

Other textile innovations on display will be:

Wool Denim (Woven): A more traditional approach to denim fabrics than Knitted Denim, in Wool Denim the undyed weft yarn is replaced with machine-washable extrafine Merino wool yarns, adding warmth, comfort and improved moisture management.

NEULANA Air: Made from 100% Australian Merino wool NEULANA Air is a premium woven fabric which offers warmth without the weight. By using special treatment technology, a loose-yet-full structure is formed inside the yarn, raising the ratio of fabric volume and weight. The end result is an air-like, soft fabric with voluminous characteristics and an exquisitely soft handle.

Vintage wovens using cold-dyeing technology: A new technique has been developed which enables colour to be applied during fabric processing, which can be removed after garment making to create the classic vintage look.

Mottled Merino woven fabrics: A special yarn has been created by randomly mixing untreated and anti-felt treated regions within the same yarn. This creates a highly textured and mottled aspect after fabric or garment milling.

Warp-Knit Merino: Warp-knit Merino fabrics extend the range of options for using Merino wool in sports, casualwear and business casual. Warp-knitted fabrics, possessing the stability of wovens with the elasticity of knits, appear an ideal compromise between wovens and jersey weft-knits.

The announcement of the winner of The Woolmark Company Texprint Award will also take place on September 16 at Première Vision Designs.