How to avoid pilling

27 June 2016

There are a number of ways to avoid your favourite clothes pilling. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of pilling, there is no way to tell before general wear and tear if pilling will occur.

How to avoid pilling

To reduce the risk of pilling occurring on wool clothing, always turn the item inside out when laundering. Any migration of fibres due to abrasion during washing or tumble drying will cause protruding fibres, which can result in pilling, to be formed on the inside rather than the outside or face of the wool item.

When applying a domestic softener or conditioner in the final rinse stage during either hand or machine washing, add a minimal amount. The presence of excessive softener or conditioner on the already very soft Merino wool item can assist in migration of the Merino wool fibres out of the yarn structure and to the fabric surface which invariably will result in the formation of pills.