GS Home Shopping explores the source of Merino wool

31 March 2016

One of Korea’s largest retailers, GS Home Shopping, has boosted its sales of Australian wool products thanks to a traceability marketing campaign that takes consumers on a farm to fashion journey.

GS Home Shopping

Models wearing apparel from Korea’s GS Home Shopping’s premium ‘So, Wool’ brand at China Fashion Week in Beijing, helping to expand its presence in China

Since the establishment of a marketing partnership in 2012 between The Woolmark Company and GS Home Shopping - Korea’s most popular online shopping destination - demand for the Korean company’s Merino wool products has increased by 25 to 30% each year. In 2015 the retail giant sold more than 240,000 Woolmark and Woolmark Blend certified apparel items.

GS Home Shopping, which introduced TV shopping to Korea for the first time in 1994, provides an online shopping experience to customers through its TV, catalogue, internet, mobile, satellite and IPTV services. It is also the world’s fourth largest e-com retailer, after expanding its business into China, India and South East Asia.

The marketing partnership has involved a traceability campaign for GS Home Shopping’s premium fashion brand, ‘So, Wool’, showcasing NSW wool-growing property ‘Athelington’ - a campaign that has resonated with customers with them paying particular attention to the farm to fashion story.

The campaign follows the ‘So, Wool’ supply chain, from Athelington’s fleece to its spinning at Lana Gatto in Italy, through to knitting and finishing at Appeal Korea - a Korean-based Woolmark licensee.

The Autumn/Winter 2015 retail season also saw superfine Tasmanian Merino wool coats produced in Korea by fabric producer Aztech through a Tasmanian wool collaboration supported by Roberts.

“The promotion by GS Home Shopping focuses on the authenticity behind a product, which sits perfectly with AWI marketing strategy,” said The Woolmark Company country manager for Korea, Hyunwon Lee.

“Korean consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with where a product originates and the story behind the product.”

GS Home Shopping Video

The Korean retailer last year also produced a short film (above) to advertise its wool collection, as well as engage consumers through giveaways, social media activities and digital marketing via its website, blog and web magazines. VIP customers also received a catalogue showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2015 wool collection and highlighting the benefits of Merino wool.

“In addition, staff from The Woolmark Company’s Korean office conducted two training seminars at the end of 2015 for GS Home Shopping retail staff and merchandisers,” said Mr Lee. “Topics included the latest innovations in Merino wool, The Wool Lab sourcing guide and The Woolmark Company’s marketing highlights.”

GS Home Shopping also sent its leading fashion brands to China last October. ‘So, Wool’ staged a runway show during China Fashion Week in Beijing – an initiative that supported the company’s partnership with leading Chinese online retailer Huimai.

“The move into China had positive effects on the premium fashion market within China,” said Mr Lee. “GS Home Shopping will continue to enhance the premium wool collaboration campaign through the Huimai online channels in the 2016/17 Autumn/Winter seasons.”