End of an iron age

3 April 2012

For hundreds of years, ironing has felt like a chore for many households across the world. However, a new iron from Woolmark licensee Philips is revolutionising ironing for the first time since the invention of the electric iron in 1882.

Philips Iron
A new Woolmark-endorsed iron from Philips will help make ironing easier and less time consuming.

The PerfectCare iron from Philips makes ironing simple. Once switched on, the iron doesn’t need adjusting. You can now iron garments one after the other, without having to adjust the temperature dial. It has one setting that is good for all ironable garments: fine fibres like wool, cashmere and silk; tougher garments like linen and cotton; and synthetic fabrics like polyester. It is always the perfect setting thanks to a cyclonic steam chamber and an advanced Smart control processor.

The PerfectCare iron provides huge benefits over other irons. For instance, before ironing you don’t have to sort your garments out into piles of the same temperature setting, you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool down between hot and cool ironing, and there is no danger of damaging any of your clothes. You could even leave the iron sitting on your clothes for five minutes, and the clothes won’t yellow or scorch.

“The PerfectCare is 100 per cent safe and effective on all fabrics such as wool, silk and synthetics, and has been tested independently by three leading fabric and clothing institutes including Woolmark – with great results,” Philips Australia and New Zealand senior manager business development personal care & domestic appliances Peter Bosscher said.
Launched in September 2011 to markets across the world, including Australia, the Philips PerfectCare iron is the first iron in the world to receive the new Woolmark Apparel Care- Gold branding.

The Woolmark Company category manager – Apparel Care Group, Cathryn Lee, said The Woolmark Apparel Care program helped provide quality laundering technology to consumers, enabling the very best care options for woollen garments.

The program allows for the Woolmark brand to be licensed for use on washing machines, tumble driers, irons, detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches for domestic use. All products are tested by independent laboratories, authorised to carry out Woolmark testing,” Ms Lee said.

“There is a tiered system of endorsement branding to distinguish those appliances and products which offer different features in the care of wool products.”

The development of the revolutionary PerfectCare ironing technology has driven The Woolmark Company to tier its Woolmark Apparel Care program for irons. While irons can receive endorsement for being successfully tested on pure wool fabrics for wrinkle removal, crease (or pleat) insertion, and prevention of scorching and yellowing, a gold tier endorsement is restricted to irons that also feature the further technical innovation demonstrated by the Philips PerfectCare iron.

A spokesperson for Philips said the PerfectCare iron was independently tested against the current steam generators available in the market, with the PerfectCare delivering the best ironing results in less time for a full family laundry basket thanks to the revolutionary Optimal TEMP technology.

As well as receiving Woolmark Apparel Care-Gold branding, the Philips PerfectCare iron has received official endorsement from the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) that the product is approved for use on wool.