Dressed for success: Rodd & Gunn joins Woolmark program

22 July 2015

Synonymous with quality, menswear brand Rodd & Gunn focuses on quality, using the world’s best raw materials to product apparel made to stand the test of time.

No other fibre has a quality assurance scheme on par with that of the Woolmark brand. In the 50 years since the iconic logo was created, it has been applied to more than 5 billion products worldwide, showcasing the extraordinary versatility and innate luxury of wool.

Backed up by technical specifications and subject to stringent testing carried out by independent laboratories, the Woolmark, Woolmark Blend and Wool Blend brands and sub-brands are used to certify products in relation to fibre content, fitness for purpose and performance in wear and care to ensure consumers’ expectations are met.

The latest brand to gain Woolmark and Woolmark Blend certification is premium menswear label Rodd & Gunn. With a heritage dating back to 1946, the label’s affiliation and relationship with wool resonates with the values and qualities upheld by the Woolmark brand.

Rodd and Gunn

With an overarching focus on natural materials such as wool, becoming a Woolmark licensee was a natural fit for menswear brand Rodd & Gunn.

Having an overarching focus on natural materials and a culture linked to the great outdoors, quality, stylish and functional apparel is top of the list for Rodd & Gunn. So becoming a Woolmark licensee was a natural fit, according to Rodd & Gunn’s head of design, John Prikryl.

“The properties of wool are, quite simply, amazing,” says Prikryl. “You can design almost anything out of it.

“All our woollen yarns are spun in either Italy or Austria, using a variety of wool types depending on the garments. We produce heavy gauge knits in Merino and lambswool as well as blends with other noble fibres. Sourcing fabrics from Biella, our suiting range focuses on wool with a micron of around 15 to 18, allowing us to achieve our Super 100’s through to Super 130’s.”

With more than 85 stores and concessions across Australia and New Zealand, Rodd & Gunn’s eyes are now on the North American market through more than 200 independent retailers. Leading department store Nordstrom has welcomed the label into a handful of its Canadian stores and, and the label will soon open in its USA stores.

It’s not only wool’s natural properties which make it the premier ingredient in luxury apparel; wool also has a great story to tell and it’s this provenance which consumers crave when purchasing quality goods. A fibre from the land, produced by the simple mix of fresh air, sunshine, grass and water, Australian wool is lovingly cultivated by generations of Australian woolgrowers, who nurture every step of the process to deliver one of the earth’s finest and most precious fibres. From the high rainfall areas of Australia’s eastern seaboard to the drier pastoral areas of the west, Merino sheep have become an integral part of the iconic Australian landscape.

“Much like the food industry, consumers should have a thorough understanding of what they are buying so they can make informed decisions. Our customers are very discerning, so we aren’t interested in polyester knitwear or acrylic coats prone to losing shape, fading and pilling. Our focus is on garments that perform and we have a reliance on natural fibres with amazing properties.

“I’m exceptionally excited to have become Woolmark licensees and can’t wait to get the message out to more people. The driving factor to become Woolmark accredited was to promote the benefits of wool and educate our customers that wool is one of nature’s greatest fibres and we’re proud of it.”

Receiving Woolmark and Woolmark Blend certification for a range of products including knits, coats, jackets, suits and scarves, Rodd & Gunn remains committed to sourcing the finest yarns and fabrics from around the world. Having long-standing relationships with the world’s most famous textile mills including Reda and Vitale Barberis Canonico, Rodd & Gunn’s ethos is to create quality clothing to stand the test of time - and now it has the Woolmark stamp of approval too.