Cool Wool a highlight at Première Vision

10 February 2015

The Woolmark Company will return to Première Vision, Paris, February 10 to 12, to present The Wool Lab Spring/Summer 2016 along with the latest in Cool Wool fabrics to highlight the fibre's natural versatility as a trans-seasonal fibre. The global authority on wool can be found at Stand 6R2-6S1.

Capri theme cover
Capri is just one of the Cool Wool-rich inspiring themes presented in The Wool Lab SS16, emphasising the innovative, lightweight fabrics and yarns with a cool and dry handle.

The Wool Lab is a seasonal guide to the most interesting trends and best wool fabrics and yarns, with the latest offering presenting six inspiring trends for the upcoming spring/summer season. Both an inspirational tool and a sourcing guide, The Wool Lab is created by The Woolmark Company in collaboration with the most innovative and quality-oriented spinners and weavers from across the world. It is a collection of the most interesting, commercially available wool products, in line with the leading fashion and textile trends.

With retailers and brands increasingly challenged by undefined seasons and unusual weather patterns, there is heightened demand for trans-seasonal products, which can respond to this challenge. Merino wool is a living, breathing fibre and has a natural and unique ability to regulate temperature providing an ideal solution for premium casual and formal wear whatever the season.

The Wool Lab SS16 further enhances the need and desire for perennial fabrics, with three of the proposed themes dedicated to Cool Wool to help expand the selling season of the versatile fibre.

"Since The Wool Lab was established for the 2012/13 Autumn/Winter season, it has fast become a key element in both educating the trade and stimulating demand for wool at the premium end of the apparel market," explains The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing officer Rob Langtry.

"Cool Wool has become a hero for the spring/summer editions, with Spring/Summer 16 presenting Capri, Montecarlo and Sapeurs as Cool Wool-rich inspiring themes, emphasising the innovative, lightweight fabrics and yarns with a cool and dry handle.

"By presenting a collection of commercially available fabrics and yarns, The Wool Lab remains instrumental in expanding the visibility and availability of Cool Wool across the world."

A revival of the Cool Wool campaign from the 1980s, the current incarnation of Cool wool - relaunched as a sub-brand at Première Vision in 2012 - highlights Merino wool's trans-seasonal properties and presents a collection of fine, lightweight fabrics suited to warmer seasons, climates and changes in environments.

Advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce much finer, lightweight fabrics and clothes than in the 1980s, and in recognition of this Cool Wool specifications were modified for the current campaign to better resonate with today’s market needs and demands. Cool Wool fabrics and garments carrying the Woolmark logo are normally 100 per cent Pure New Wool but can include blends of wool with fine animal fibres.

The Woolmark Company continues to work with some of the best manufacturers in the world, producing lightweight Woolmark-certified product; 18 of these partners will be showcasing their Cool Wool fabrics at Première Vision. Visit the Woolmark stand to find out where you can source Woolmark-accredited Cool Wool fabrics or look out for the sheep in sunglasses visual displayed on our partners' stands throughout the show - see listing below for where to locate them.

The Woolmark Company is also working with a number of retailers globally to provide support on Cool Wool product sourcing and marketing initiatives. For the SS15 consumer season The Woolmark Company has partnered with a number of global brands and retailers to highlight wool's suitability for all seasons even as the temperature rises.

Discover Cool Wool fabrics at the following weaver's stands at Première Vision

Taylor & Lodge: Distinction - 6M13
Lanificio Cerruti: Distinction - 6L2/6M1
Joseph H. Clissold: Distinction - 6K26/6L23
Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino - Distinction - 5P2
Holland & Sherry: Distinction - 6K26/6L23
Charles Clayton: Distinction - 6M22
Cloth Dormeuil: Distinction - 6L12
William Halstead: Distinction - 6M22
Hield Brothers: Distinction - 6K22/6L19
John Foster: Distinction - 6M22
Jiangsu Sunshine: 6R12/6S11
Raymond: Distinction - 6M16/6N15
Altinyildiz: Distinction - 6L16/6M17
Nikke: Distinction - 6M14/6N13
Ipekis: Distinction - 6P24/6R23
Reid & Taylor: Distinction - 6M22
Nanshan Group: Distinction - 6R4/6S3
Royal Ruyi: Distinction - 6N16/6P13