British Vogue's enduring love for Merino wool

22 July 2014

The August edition of British Vogue devoted 16 pages of its Autumn/Winter catwalk issue to the beauty of Merino wool in a seaside fashion spread, featuring apparel from international fashion labels such as Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Wang.

The UK remains one of the most important and dynamic markets in fashion apparel, in both marketing and manufacturing terms.

Photographer Yelena Yemchuk returns behind the lens - Yemchuk also photographed the ‘Back to Nature’ Merino wool feature in the October 2013 edition of British Vogue. The feature is running as part of The Woolmark Company’s Merino Wool. No Finer FeelingTM fibre advocacy campaign, which aims to inform a new generation of consumers - and the fashion community - about the natural attributes and benefits of Merino wool. The campaign continues to establish Merino wool as the fibre of choice for fine, contemporary fashion.

Titled ‘Enduring Love’, the 16-page spread has been inspired by earth and sea and, importantly, illustrates an extension of The Wool Lab AW 14/15 theme Cinque Ports, which presents austere but fascinating places on the shores of the English Channel. The feature also celebrates the 50-year anniversary of the famed Woolmark logo.

“Woolmark has stayed at the forefront of fashion evolution… the Woolmark symbol is a guaranteed luxury,” says Vogue. “Nothing quite beats the feeling of slipping on a love-worn sweater or an enveloping coat that has the esteemed Woolmark sewn in as a sign of high standards.

“Instantaneous comfort is guaranteed, satisfaction is achieved and memories are evoked.”

Wool’s presence as a fibre for all seasons is shown, with British Vogue illustrating a Victoria Beckham coat as a perennial must-have piece. “A coat for every season is that elusive item that we search for with persistence…this Merino coat keeps your internal thermometer constant, so belt up come rain or shine.”

Stylist Agata Belcen explores the breadth of texture and finishes that can be achieved using Merino wool. Woven, knitted, brushed, felted, shearling and even a modern take on tweed all feature in the spread, a whimsical journey to the seaside.

The companion video brings the dreamy ambience of the Vogue spread to life as the heroine of the piece pensively takes in the vista and frolics on the beach in luxury apparel and a blanket wrap, evoking next-to-skin comfort in a Marilyn Monroe reminiscent carefree style.

And, as British Vogue says, the appreciation for these luxurious pieces knows no end - a love affair with Woolmark is one for life.