The Worsted System

The worsted system produces smoother yarns and ultimately smoother fabrics, which are used to make such clothing items as classical suits, underwear and base layers, sportswear, socks, uniforms and sweaters which have a smooth appearance.

Worsted products generally have a smooth surface appearance. To produce these products, fleece from the main body (back and sides) of a sheep is used. This portion of wool is longer in terms of its fibre length in comparison to wool known as pieces or locks, which is shorn from the underbody of the sheep and around the legs and rear, tending to have a shorter fibre length.

Immediately after shearing, the long fleece wool is separated from the shorter wool. Although blending may take place, the longer fleece wools are processed through the worsted system, whereas the short wools are used to produce woollen-spun products, through the woollen system. It is the use of longer wools in the worsted system which enables smooth yarns and fabrics to be made...


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