Wool Denim (Knitwear)

The recent launch of woven denim fabrics containing Merino wool, which are at price points attractive to a wider market than previous wool/cotton denim products, has created interest in a knitted version.

A relatively new product, Wool Denim (Knitwear) is popular for ladies wear because of its figure-hugging properties and comfort in wear. The fabric also can be used for men’s trouser bottoms in a higher density fabric.

The need to use an Indigo-dyed wool yarn in the knit product has, until this innovation, been a barrier to merino wool-containing knitted-denim.

Wool Denim KnitwearThe technology 

True Indigo-dyed wool yarns are expensive to produce because of the dip-dye technology which needs very long processing runs to be economic.

With the advent of cold-dye reactive dyeing systems for cotton and now wool it is feasible to create denim-like wool yarns which, when knitted into denim jersey constructions, can create knitted denim looks in pure wool or wool/cotton blends.

The fabric structures are normally based on a type of terry, single fabric to enable woven effects to be created. The special dyeing process permits fading of colour during garment washing and development of the classic denim look.

The features

  • The problems with indigo contamination of knitting machines are all but eliminated because the cold-reactive dyed yarns have much better rubbing fastness than indigo dyed yarns
  • Wool containing premium knitted denims are possible for both ladieswear and menswear
  • Readily available easy care wool yarns enable machine washable denims to be offered
  • A choice of either circular knit, seamless or flat-bed knitting is possible.

For further information about Wool Denim (Knitwear) contact your local Woolmark Company office.