Soft Classic Merino

Soft Classic Merino is fine Merino wool yarns and knitwear with a natural softness and brightness. 

Soft ClassicThe technology 

The Soft Classic process is carried out on wool tops prior to spinning in a modified backwasher system using Basolan 88, a special chemical which modifies the internal structure of the wool fibre to make it less rigid, therefore softer to the touch; additionally the treated fibre is more receptive to reactive dyes.

The true handle and brightness are created during the dyeing and subsequent softener application.

The features

  • The yarns are widely available from worsted spinners and some woollen spinners.
  • The process creates bulkier and softer yarns.
  • Brighter shades due to the dyestuffs being well absorbed by the treated fibre.
  • The process imparts a degree of anti-felting which renders knitted garments easily hand-washable and in some cases even machine-washable.

For further information about Soft Classic Merino contact your local Woolmark Company office.