Neulana Elite

Neulana Elite is an innovative new fabric made from 100 per cent Merino wool and possesses, in addition to Merino wool’s inherent natural properties, the softness of cashmere and the subtle lustre of silk. This is luxury fabric for men’s and ladies suits, shirts and accessories.

Neulana EliteThe technology 

Neulana Elite fabrics are made from a special Merino wool fibre known as Optim Fine. This fibre has been specially processed in an Optim machine that is able to stretch the wool fibre by about 25% then fix it in that configuration. The resulting fibres are very smooth (feels like cashmere) and straight (looks like silk).The fibre can easily be blended with cashmere and silk as well as with normal fine Merino wool. It is ideal for premium fine worsted wool suiting and jacketing fabrics, but works equally well in shawl fabrics, shirtings, scarves and fine jersey knitted fabrics where the increased fibre length benefits the knitting process.  

The features

  • Cashmere-like softness for significantly lower cost
  • Silk-like lustre
  • Works well in blends with cashmere, silk and fine Merino wool fibres
  • Versatile fibre – ideal for suits, jackets, shirts, shawls, jersey and accessories
  • Available as tops and woven fabric

For further information about Neulana Elite contact your local Woolmark Company office.