Moisture Management Merino

Merino wool is known for its hygroscopic properties - its ability to absorb and release water vapour quickly.

Moisture Management Merino builds on these properties and ensures the finished garment remains soft and comfortable to wear.

The Merino fibre easily deals with moisture vapour by absorbing it into the internal fibre structure. Liquid moisture is less easy for the Merino fibre to manage.

Moisture Management MerinoThe technology 

The Merino wool fibre is treated with a special hydrophilic softener after dyeing by padding or exhaustion. The success of the finish, in terms of wetting time and durability is dependent on the cleanliness of the fibre surface before treatment, so it is normal to remove contaminants such as silicone before treatment. The finish is rendered permanent by heat treatment and the higher the temperature the better the durability.

The features

  • The Moisture Management Merino fibre wets rapidly on contact with liquid water in less than 10 seconds.
  • When used in a double jersey fabric in combination with a hydrophobic yarn, a high degree of liquid moisture transfer can be achieved.

For further information about Moisture Management Merino contact your local Woolmark Company office.