Crinkle Merino

Crinkle Merino is fabric with permanent random creases or wrinkles which give the garment a relaxed and contemporary look.

Crinkle MerinoThe technology 

The fabric or garment is impregnated with a special fixing agent which can be applied by printing, coating or dip-hydro techniques. Creases or wrinkles are deliberately inserted into the damp fabric by folding or simply bunching the fabric into a ball.

The fixing agent is allowed to react with the fibre (modifying the cysteine links) thus binding the fibres in the creased configuration. The fixing process can be done with elevated temperature, steam or overnight at room temperature.

The features

  • Random permanently creased garment.
  • Durable to machine washing.
  • Creases can be confined to specific parts of the garment by print application of the fixing agent.

For further information about Crinkle Merino contact your local Woolmark Company office.