Woolmark Nurture

Woolmark Nurture provides the ultimate Merino wool clothing for your baby.

Merino wool’s natural protection for your baby 

The Mothers and Babies program recently launched a new brand - Woolmark Nurture - which uses the widely recognised Woolmark symbol but has its own branded tickets available for licensees.

Anne Geddes produced a stunning photo to support Woolmark Nurture

The diameter of the Merino wool fibre in certified products has an upper limit for each product category to ensure the products are comfortable for babies. For instance the upper limit for next-to-skin apparel, or Merino baby clothes, is 18.5 micron. Certified products must pass other requirements including colour fastness.

To help promote the brand, The Woolmark Company teamed up with famed photographer Anne Geddes to produce stunning images to support this new quality certification.