Mothers & Babies

Merino wool is the natural choice of clothing for your baby.

Luxuriously soft and smooth, Merino wool is resilient and easy to care for, and helps keep little ones warm when their environment is cold and comfortably cool when it’s hot.

Merino wool and your baby

Merino sheep have evolved across millions of years to provide natural protection. Created by nature to protect against harsh environments and extremes of weather, Australian Merino wool for your baby or young child is the natural choice. And to ensure a good night’s sleep for both mothers and babies, studies have revealed a correlation between wool bedding and quality sleep patterns.

A critical part of The Woolmark Company’s strategy is to find new markets for Merino wool – especially those markets that highly value Merino wool’s natural attributes, and in which consumers are prepared to pay premium prices.

The market for baby and infant wear is an important example of such an opportunity, and The Woolmark Company’s Mothers and Babies program has been set up to drive demand for Merino wool in this market. The program works in three main areas: funding scientific research into Merino’s health benefits, innovative product development and creating awareness of the fibre’s benefits.

There is also a strong trend in this market towards natural and environmentally friendly products.

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