Tested by Nature, Tested by Us

Washing wool has never been easier, as shown in The Woolmark Company’s Washable Wool campaign.

Washable Wool 

As The Woolmark Company works towards positioning wool in its rightful place as one of the world’s most versatile, luxurious, practical and best-loved natural fibres, we understand that a big part of this journey is listening to consumers and addressing their needs.

Our extensive consumer research data shows that consumers value ease of care, yet currently many consumers associate ‘wool’ with ‘hard to care for’ or are unsure how to wash wool clothing. But here at The Woolmark Company we know that this is not necessarily true: we have robust, proven technologies available to provide for machine wash and tumble dry wool apparel. And so, The Woolmark Company has launched a washable wool campaign, with the tagline Tested by Nature; Tested by Us to reinforce the message that wool is easy to care for.

The main purpose of the washable wool campaign is to spread the message that it is easy to wash wool, and help align consumer perceptions to the modern wool garments available. Part of this re-education requires consistency in the marketplace, and so we have developed a three-year roll-out plan.

We're explaining that Woolmark-certified garments labelled as “machine wash” or “machine wash and tumble dry” are treated to prevent shrinkage, and have gone through rigorous testing to make sure they are safe to machine wash and won’t felt, stain or fade. As consumers grow more confident in just how easy wool is to care for they will be putting more Woolmark-approved garments on their shopping list.

Early-stage wool processors have also been notified of the new campaign to prepare for the increase in demand for machine washable and tumble dry wool.

We are also happy to provide technical support for those who require further information about the washable wool campaign.

Companies interested in participating in the campaigns are encouraged to contact your local Woolmark office to find out more.