Cool Wool

There is no better example of the versatility of Merino wool than Cool Wool. It provides comfort and perfect drape even under the hottest conditions. Cool Wool fabrics have the unique ability to help keep the wearer warm in cold temperatures and cool and fresh in warmer climates thanks to some of the fibre’s natural benefits - such as breathability and insulating capacity.

Keeping it cool

Cool Wool is a collection of fine, lightweight fabrics suited to warmer seasons, climates and changing environments. Innovative breeding methods by Australian woolgrowers, combined with modern textile processing, highlight the natural properties of Merino wool as a fibre for all seasons, and the most influential fashion designers have introduced Cool Wool into their Spring/Summer collections to extend the selling season of wool.

Merino wool is an ideal fibre for warmer climates, transitional seasons and global travel. The Woolmark Company has taken this opportunity to support the trade in its sales and promotion of lightweight wool and cool fabrics, and in doing so is challenging misconceptions about the fibre.

Cool Wool was a successful campaign when it ran initially in the 1980s. Since then we have seen many advances in technology and manufacturers are now able to produce much finer lightweight cloths that weren’t possible 30 years ago.

The New Cool Wool 

Cool Wool logo

In February 2012 Cool Wool was re-launched, initially to the trade, as a program designed to grow demand in markets with high temperature climates such as the Gulf States, India and Turkey. Given the strong initial support for the program and increased demand from the manufacturing pipeline and trade – it quickly grew in impact and support in Europe, Japan, Korea, China and India.

In recognition of the advancements in the production of lightweight, cool fabrics, the original Cool Wool specification was modified to be more relevant for today’s market needs and demands and this modern incarnation of the Cool Wool campaign takes the concept even further for the 21st century with even lighter weight wool fabrics and yarns. Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with a maximum weight of 190 g/m² and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 micron.

Working closely with the manufacturing pipeline, through targeted marketing campaigns, in-store activities, promotions and events, The Woolmark Company seeks to educate the consumer about wool’s natural ability to regulate temperature keeping the wearer looking elegant and cool.

Cool Wool Benefits 

There are many wonderful, natural benefits of Merino wool, some of which are further heightened by Cool Wool. These are:

Merino wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour and then transfer it through evaporation into the air, keeping the skin fresher and drier for a longer time.

Temperature regulation
Merino wool provides a personal ‘air-conditioning’ system to maintain temperature regulation through its natural crimp, which creates a lot of very small insulating air pockets.

Odour resistance
Merino wool’s breathability helps to reduce sweat and odour, keeping the wearer’s skin drier and cleaner. The fibre’s complex chemical structure locks away odour only releasing it upon washing.

Softness and fineness
Today Merino wool achieves incredibly high standards of fineness and softness, making it one of the most comfortable and performing fibres for luxury next to skin garments and sportswear.

Merino wool is naturally elastic and sheds creases, due to its unique structure and crimp: at microscopic levels, Merino fibres are like coiled springs, returning to their original state when the stretch and extension through wear and movement is released. This helps to maintain the garment’s shape and quality.

UV protection and fire resistance
Merino wool offers a natural protection from Ultraviolet light and is fire resistant and stores less static in comparison to other fibres. No synthetic fibre can guarantee the same benefits and comfort.

Merino wool can be used in a wide variety of lightweight fabrics and fine knits, plus very innovative developments, ideal for fine air-like Spring-Summer weight garments.

Timeless elegance
Thanks to its elasticity, Merino wool maintains an enduring drape and shape during the whole day and under the warmest climates, making it the ideal fibre for travellers and busy business men and women.

Working with Designers 

The most influential fashion designers have introduced the natural potential of Merino wool into their spring/summer collections, proposing a variety of lightweight fabric pieces and superfine knits, all inspired by the concept of Cool Wool.

Cool Wool is featured extensively throughout SS14 and SS15 collections across mens and womenswear, thanks to the global trend and increasing desire for natural fibres, luxury and quality, particularly among younger generations, and the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and the Middle East, where the warm climates require lightweight, breathable fabrics.

Indeed, consumers across the world are now turning to wool in warmer months thanks to the infinite benefits and features that the fibre provides.

Read more about some of the world’s most influential fashion designers working with Cool Wool.

Working with manufacturers 

Cool Wool is a sub-brand of the Woolmark and Woolmark Blend programs. The use of the Cool Wool branding is available to all manufacturers that hold licences for the Woolmark and/or Woolmark Blend marks subject to passing Cool Wool fabric and/or garment specifications. Brands and retailers are able to use the Cool Wool branding on their product if they source from a licensed manufacturer or indeed are licensed themselves subject to the terms and conditions of their licence agreement.

Benefits of becoming a Woolmark licensee can be found in the licensing section of If you don’t hold a Woolmark licence and would like to find out more about Cool Wool please contact your local Woolmark office.

Cool Wool licensed manufacturers:
Cool Wool has attracted the participation of some of the most important manufacturers in the world. The following manufacturers are all Cool Wool members and are licensed to produce certified Cool Wool product.

Alfred Brown, UK
Altinyildiz, Turkey
Bower Roebuck, UK
Charles Clayton, UK
Chodai Co Ltd, Japan
Cerruti, Italy
Dormeuil, UK
Joseph H. Clissold, UK
Hield Brothers, UK
Holland and Sherry, UK
Ipekis, Turkey
John Foster, UK
Johnstons of Elgin, UK
Kozuka Keori Co Ltd, Japan
Kurabo Industries Ltd, Japan
Miyuki Keori Co Ltd, Japan
Nakaden Keori Co Ltd, Japan
Nanshan, China
Nikke, Japan
Raymond, India
Reda, Italy
Reid & Taylor, UK
Shandong Ruyi, China
Sanko Textile Co Ltd, Japan
Savile Clifford, UK
Sunshine Group, China
Tallia di Delfino, Italy
Taylor and Lodge, UK
Toa Boshoku Co Ltd, Japan
Tosco Co Ltd, Japan
Vitale Barberis Canonico, Italy
William Halstead, UK
Zegna Baruffa, Italy

Discover more about Cool Wool by downloading our Cool Wool Trade Partner Kit (pdf)