Walk on Wool

Woolmark and Woolmark Blend carpets and furnishing fabrics are renowned in private and public spaces for their quality, outstanding performance, appearance retention and natural resilience. Loved by interior designers and architects, discover why wool is the ideal fibre of choice for interior textiles. 

Wool carpets

Wool carpets and rugs can be used for the living room, bedroom and staircases. They are also used worldwide in hotels, restaurants, offices and other types of public spaces. They are renowned the world over for their outstanding quality and performance.

Child lying on soft wool flooringWool carpets provide a comfortable, reliable and even temperature under-foot all year round.

There are many reasons to walk on wool.

Besides carpets, there are no other floor coverings with such a huge range in colours and designs.

Wool also has natural noise absorbing properties which help reduce the stressful hum of everyday life.

Wool’s natural crimp provides greater insulation, allowing wool carpets to protect you from temperature extremes.

Each wool fibre has a three dimensional spiralling α-helix that gives it natural elasticity. This elasticity means a wool fibre can stretch up to 30% more than its original length and bounce back. For that reason wool carpets will increase the comfort of walking. In addition pressure marks left by furniture compression on wool carpets will restore by itself.

Wool is also naturally easy to care for. Learn more about caring for wool floorcoverings by downloading a care guide.

Why wool carpet 

Wool carpet is naturally resilient for the following reasons:

  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Retains its pile shape and height
  • Recovers quickly from furniture compression
  • Resists permanent markings
  • Is flame resistant
  • It also resists dirt and stains so is easy to care for.

Wool carpet is naturally comfortable for the following reasons:

  • Provides natural thermal and sound insulation
  • Regulates air moisture content
  • Absorbs contaminants in indoor air.