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Product innovations

Wool Fur

Eco-friendly alternative to synthetic and traditional fur

An increasing number of brands continue to remove traditional fur from their collections. Merino wool presents a natural alternative to animal hide and synthetics.


When a wool fibre is disposed of, it will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of years.

Odour resistant
Odour resistant

In contrast to synthetics, wool fabrics are naturally odour resistant.

Machine washable
Machine washable

Wool fur is easy to care for and machine washable.

How it works

Wool fur

Innovatively knitted from Merino wool yarn, wool faux fur fabrics are cropped and brushed to replicate a traditional fur or shearling look and feel. Jersey knitting is used to create a loop structure on one side of the fabric, which is then cut to result in a yarn that is raised and brushed to open up the yarn and create the faux-fur effect. Wool fibre, being similar to real fur fibres, is an ideal substitute and an extra degree of luxury can be introduced by using mercerised Merino wool yarns.

Using Merino wool as faux fur maximises the fibre’s natural benefits. Garments created with wool faux fur have the added natural benefits of thermoregulation, breathability, odour resistance and the peace of mind that the fabric comes with a less impactful environmental solution than synthetic faux fur or real fur.

Contact the Woolmark Technical Team for more information.

Woolmark partners using wool fur

Angel Chen

2019 International Woolmark Prize finalist, Angel Chen created a jacquard fur coat, though not with animal hide, but with 100% wool yarn dyed in six tones with reactive ANOFIX dyes, developed and engineered specially for wool to create vibrant colours - showing how well wool can take colour - and as a method that’s more environmentally friendly to chrome-based dyes.