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Product Specifications

The Woolmark Licensing Program covers yarns, fabrics and most articles of clothing, as well as bedding, carpets and upholstery. In addition The Woolmark Company endorses products for apparel care such as wool detergents and cycles on washing machines, dryers and irons as part of the Woolmark Apparel Care program.

Quality Standards 

To ensure Woolmark Quality Standards are maintained, The Woolmark Company has developed a comprehensive set of Specifications and Test Methods. Products must meet or exceed the requirements of the relevant Specification prior to gaining Woolmark certification. To assess products against the Specifications, an independent Authorised Laboratory will use the appropriate Woolmark Test Methods.

A Quality Assurance program is used to ensure that quality is maintained after the initial approval of a product and over time. This process also ensures that Specifications are interpreted consistently by licensees and independent authorised laboratories worldwide.

The Woolmark Company, from time-to-time, will update the Specifications that apply to products. The latest amendments to product Specifications were notified to Licensees in December, 2014. These changes will take effect from 1 January 2016. For licensees or applicants wishing to use the 2016 versions of Specifications prior to this date please contact your local office of The Woolmark Company or woolmark@wool.com.

Woolmark Product Specifications, effective January 2016

Fibre Content Specifications

Woven and Knitted Product Specifications and Sub-Brands

Apparel Care Specifications

Interiors and Floorcoverings

Other Products

Semi Processed Product Specifications


Woolmark Product Specifications, effective January 2015