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For thousands of years wool has been the most effective natural form of all-weather protection known to mankind. Merino is regarded as the finest and softest wool. Inherently natural, biodegradable and renewable, Merino is well-placed to address the increasing global preference for environmentally assured products.


A common misconception is that woollen garments are only good in winter months and cold climates. But this is a mere myth. Merino wool produces high-quality sports apparel which delivers the highest levels of comfort and performance.

Merino wool is the perfect fibre of choice for sportswear. It can absorb up to 35 per cent of its dry weight in moisture vapour and is reactive to temperature. In hot climates or during strenuous exercise a Merino garment close to the skin actively transfers moisture vapour molecules away from the body making the wearer less clammy.

Merino fibre has a natural crimp which provides the garment with superior insulation and breathability. These garments protect the wearer from extremes of temperature – keeping them warm when the mercury plummets, yet cool when the temperature is hot. Even after vigorous exercise Merino garments remain fresh. This is because merino fibre is able to lock away odour molecules, which are only released upon washing.

Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains being absorbed and makes cleaning easier. And even when they do need washing, many garments can now be machine washed and tumble-dried for easy-care convenience.

In the area of performance apparel the agreed concept of dressing is to use the layering system: Base-layer, Mid-layer and Outer-layer. This gives the wearer the opportunity to always adjust the clothing to the environment as well as the activity level. It is of utmost importance that these three layers work together, thereby not just giving the protection required but also to deliver maximum breathability. If any of the layers do not perform or interact with the other the result can be either a too cold or a too warm and humid experience.

The unique moisture management, buffering, insulating and breathability properties of the Merino fibre work seamlessly together through all three layers, no matter the conditions.