Benefits of Merino for mothers and babiesPrint

Young lives are precious, and Merino helps protect and care for them in a safe, comfortable and natural way.

Nature’s natural clothing

Merino has evolved across millions of years to provide natural protection. Created by nature to protect against harsh environments and extremes of weather, Australian Merino is the natural choice for clothing babies and young children.

It is soft, fine and smooth on sensitive young skin, and is safe to wear too. And because Merino is both renewable and biodegradable, it is also gentle on the environment.

An efficient temperature regulator

Merino wool is naturally breathable making it a very efficient temperature regulator.

In particularly hot or cold situations, babies can struggle to regulate their own body temperature. Merino helps overcome this problem, making it an ideal choice for sleep and bed wear.

It works by absorbing moisture vapour next to the skin, keeping babies dry and less clammy. The vapour then moves away and evaporates, helping maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.

Healthier and safer

Parents can rest assured that Merino is one of the safest fibres for children. Merino is naturally fire resistant, won’t melt and stick to the skin, and even puts itself out when the source of the flame is removed. This makes it a safer choice for both clothing and bedding. And being a natural fibre evolved to protect against the elements, Merino provides better protection from UV radiation than most synthetics and cotton, so your whole family will be safer wearing it on sunny days.

Easy to care for

Raising children can be a messy business, but keeping their Merino wool clothing clean is surprisingly easy. Every Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that resists dirt and prevents stains being absorbed, so clothing and bed wear is easy to clean. Merino is naturally odour resistant too, keeping your children’s clothes fresher for longer and requiring less frequent washing. And when they do need washing, many Merino clothes can be safely machine washed and tumble-dried for even more easy-care convenience.

Soft and comfortable

Merino wool is naturally soft and smooth against sensitive young skin. Merino sheep produce the finest wool and so the clothes styled from it are supremely comfortable for newborns and mums alike. And the natural elasticity of Merino means it stretches when worn, before springing back gently to its natural shape, with little sagging. This means wearing Merino feels extra comfortable when your baby is sleeping, feeding or playing, or out and about being introduced to the world.