The Woolmark BrandPrint

The Woolmark brand is the world’s best-known textile fibre brand.

It provides consumers with guaranteed fibre content and an assurance of quality.

Companies that become Woolmark licensees can use the Woolmark logo on their products as an independent quality endorsement, thereby providing licensees with differentiation within the marketplace.

The Woolmark brand is owned by The Woolmark Company, the world’s leading wool textile organisation. The value of the brand is well established and highly regarded across the world in the apparel, interior textiles and home laundry sectors. It represents a long-term commitment to quality spanning more than 45 years. As one of the world’s most well-known brands the Woolmark logo has been applied to more than five billion products since the creation of the original mark in 1964.

In addition to the Woolmark logo, for products containing 100 per cent pure new wool, we offer brands for blends. The Woolmark Blend logo is for products containing 50 per cent to 99 per cent pure new wool. For products containing 30 per cent to 49 per cent wool the Wool Blend logo is used. We also have a number of apparel and interiors sub-brands. See the Understanding our Brands page for further information about the brands.

The Woolmark Licensing Program

The Woolmark Company operates a global licensing program which enables Woolmark licensees to use one of The Woolmark Company’s logos as an independent quality endorsement on the licensee’s products.

By obtaining a Woolmark licence you can take advantage of the increased awareness the marketing and promotion of the Woolmark brand will bring to your business.

Each of our three main brands – Woolmark, Woolmark Blend and Wool Blend – are licensed separately.

The Woolmark Licensing Program ensures that any product bearing the Woolmark logo meets strict wool content and quality and performance criteria based on the exacting demands of today’s customers.

By joining the Woolmark licensing program you become a valued member of our global network. Companies can enjoy the commercial benefits of a unique worldwide quality endorsement.

The advantages offered by the Woolmark brand are exclusive to our licensees.

See the Our Services page for further information about the services that we offer our Woolmark licensees aimed at adding value to their business.

Further information: Contact your local Woolmark Company office.